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Fog Over Pitt Meadows

Was up early last Friday for a shoot on Pitt Lake, and came upon this beautiful landscape in Pitt Meadows.  The warm fall weather and cool nights had created the perfect conditions for the kind  of wispy, atmospheric fog that gives photos like this such a mysterious mood. 

Pitt Meadows in fog

New Waterfall

Back into the canyons after the Harmony Arts Festival.  Found a few new waterfalls like this one on a lovely Saturday afternoon hike with Ripley.  Always amazes me how different the canyons are from season to season.  Never the same scene twice.

Waterfall, North Shore, BC

Lightning Strikes Twice

Another fabulous light show over the water tonight.  This time, the fork lightning was hidden behind heavy clouds, creating this surreal glow over the city.  

Summer Storm

It's not often we get thunderstorms here in Vancouver, so when a recent summer storm started lighting up the sky, it was time to grab the camera.  This time-exposure was taken from my balcony, looking south over Burrard Inlet past the Tsaswassen ferry terminal and into Washington State.  The storm was so far away, the thunder was barely audible, but the power of the lightning strikes was immense.  

Summer Storm, July 13, 2012